Weight loss: 2017 Event of the Year
The most effective tool against
weight gain: Cabbage soup, now
available in capsules!

For thousands of years, soup has proven its beneficial aspects on health and well-being.
It has become famous not only for its positive effects with regards to weight loss but the ancient Greeks and Romans also considered it to be a miracle in terms of staying in good shape. They used it as a quick and efficient body purification method and it was a very popular elixir of youth. The athletes who participated in the very first Olympic Games ate cabbage soup before competing in order to further strengthen their bodies. It was only later
that soup was used as an effective method to fight weight gain...

Unexpected discovery
Perfectly ordinary vegetable soup became a true tool against overweight when it was observed in a French hospital that cabbage soup caused rapid weight loss. It caused such rapid weight loss that if a surgical operation required a patient to lose weight quickly (several
kilograms in 2 to 3 days), they were put on a diet based on cabbage soup, and thus lost between 7 and 10 kg without ever leaving their hospital bed.

The news spread quickly
In France, where this soup is eaten regularly, the information regarding its ability to reduce fat spread very quickly. At first in France, then in Europe, and finally in the United States where so many women have added it into their everyday meals.
The famous Oprah Winfrey has adopted it as her most effective weapon against extra weight. This American star had suffered for a long time from overweight until the day she discovered cabbage soup. She has published a book on the subject: "The cabbage soup diet" and it has become a bestseller.
Although the exact figures are not known, it is sure that some tens of thousands of people have taken advantage of the positive effects of cabbage soup to obtain the body of their dreams.

It is finally also available in capsules Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to eat cabbage soup every day, not to mention the odor that it spreads throughout the house, or its tedious preparation.
A French laboratory has resolved all these problems by making the soup available in capsule form.
The 100% natural “Cabbage Diet” capsule was invented, free of any unpleasant odors.
And thanks to this patented manufacturing procedure, it has been proven in the laboratory
that this concentrated capsule is 2.4 times more effective than the daily consumption of 3 portions of cabbage soup. This is because a single capsule is equivalent to the 10 kg of cabbage. This explains its effects.
Hélène tells her story:
"My grandmother has always told me that cabbage soup was an amazing "trick" to lose weight without dieting. But I hate cabbages! For me it was impossible to eat kilos of Cabbages every day. But this problem was solved the day I happened to discover cabbage capsules with no unpleasant taste (this was essential for me) on the internet. I tried them immediately. The results were beyond my expectations: I even had to stop the treatmenttwice because I was losing weight too quickly. I lost 5 kg in the first week a total of 28 kg after 7 weeks! ». Hélène
Do not lose weight too quickly
This is why we allow ourselves to assert that this capsule is the best and quickest way in the world to lose weight. The highly concentrated extracts of red and white cabbages start working on the fat secretion in the body as soon as you take the first capsule.
The extra kilograms are quickly eliminated and centimeters disappear thanks to the green cabbages. The red cabbages help to eliminate the cellulite and the orange peel effect. Fat, extra weight, and rolls disappear even from the toughest places to slim (waist, belly, thighs, buttocks). In short, you will lose weight naturally and will rediscover your perfect shape. We recommend that you not lose more than 4 kg a week. If this happens, stop the treatment
for 2 days and resume it afterwards.
Now finally available in India
For some time, the positive effects of cabbage soup on weight loss has also been discussed in India. But who would want to cook and eat several kilos of cabbages every day? These highly concentrated capsules, free of any unpleasant odor, are now available in India too. Nutrition and weight loss specialists agree unanimously that these new cabbage soup capsules are a revolution in the area of natural weight loss. But the good news does not end there!
Two exceptional guarantees:
1) Lowest price guaranteed. The "Cabbage Diet" Capsules will be sold with a 50% discount (compared to the current price in the rest of the world). A 2 week treatment, consisting of 60 capsules (4 capsules a day to be taken before your main meals), will cost you less than 60 Rs/Day if you order 12 weeks’ worth of treatments.
2) 98.6% of those who have tried this treatment have lost weight. This is the incredible effect of cabbage soup. That is why we are able to offer you a "100% money back guarantee if not satisfied". If you do not lose your extra kilos quickly enough, you need to only return the opened or even empty boxes and you will be completely reimbursed without any further discussion, in form of account deposit in your name. So order now, with no financial risk at all, as many treatments as you need for the number of kilos you want to lose, from Monday to Saturday from 9.00 to 17.00 at this number tel. 080-49388388 or NON STOP on this web site.